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Core Arts adapt services to respond to Covid

Connect Hackney partner, Core Arts, adapt services in response to Coronavirus

Core Arts have been keeping people connected with phonecalls to all their members twice a week, daily text message with staff, and they hold weekly social events and have WhatsApp groups to connect with their peers.

In addition they have live classes and pre-recorded lessons with the ability to chat and comment on videos. For those that do not have internet access Core Arts send out weekly postal packs to continue learning along with a bi-weekly newsletter.

Online services

Core Arts continue to deliver their services and are connecting people online. They also continue to take referrals at this point. Core Arts offer a live class weekly on Zoom to local community and advertise it on their Facebook page – the remainder of classes are restricted to Core Arts members. Local residents and community groups are more than welcome to join.

Although it not the same as in person, it is really nice seeing everyone at the live classes and the positive feedback we have been given from our membership. What we have done has made a real difference to people’s lives and their way of coping during this pandemic, who all feel really supported at this time. 

We have even had members learn a new skill by using different types of technology for the first time and continue to be creative and physically active during lockdown. They all enjoy and appreciate the hard work all the staff have put in and feel less lonely and isolated buy our efforts.

Laura-Jane Connolly, Inclusive Sports Development Manager at Core Arts


Core Arts are holder various open classes such as the stretch and relaxation class advertised below.  Other live classes have included the following:

Hip Hop Dance
Circuit Training
Social chats
Pub Quiz
Jazz Dance
Stretch and Relaxation
Chair Based Aerobics
Nutritional advice


Feedback from Core Arts members

Some of the quotes from Core Arts members who have given feedback after classes or have communicated it during the call or text outs. 

I was really struggling today, but boxing was a lifesaver!!! Thanks Laura for all you do. You’re amazing a and what you have bought together is truly fabulous.”

I am really enjoying the live and online classes, I usually get so anxious when i am in the actual room, but I feel less conscious in my living room and it its really helping me add structure to my day, and I am starting to feel fitter too.”

The live Hip Hop was brilliant. It really rejuvenated me for the days. Can’t wait for the class.”

Check out Core Arts’ Facebook page at

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