Connect Hackney

Following the murder of George Floyd and the international grief and movement for change that has awoken, Connect Hackney would like to state our commitment to illuminating and eradicating racism. We are examining the relevance of this movement to all corners of our work and our partners’. To read our Hackney CVS statement, response and resources, please click here.

At Connect Hackney we are forming our initial plans in response, beginning with a Workshop for all CH delivery partners looking at unconscious bias and structural racism and examining how this is relevant to our work and that of our delivery partners – encouraging a rigorous self-examination of systems, procedures, policies and so on – moving to create an opportunity for growth and positive change. 

As you can see it has been a very busy time for Connect Hackney and we have gathered valuable learning and we are proud of all of our delivery partners and all that they are doing. If you have any additional learning to share please do contact

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