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“I come with the sunshine in my bones still, so I wasn’t feeling cold you know”  The Windrush generation arrived in the UK between the late 1940s and the early 1970s, invited by the government to help rebuild Britain after the Second World War.

“We spent eight days travelling across the Atlantic Ocean. All we could see was the sky and the water”

Windrush, Stories of a Hackney Generation

During 2018 we recorded stories from Hackney’s Windrush generation. These stories are available as a commemorative booklet.

Download the booklet here

“Economically, socially and culturally the Windrush generation have made their contributions, for which they will be cherished.” Diane Abbott, MP

We also produced a series of podcasts which you can listen to here.

The booklet and podcasts were launched at Hackney Town Hall on Wednesday 3 October at the Caribbean Tea party.

With thanks to everyone who contributed their stories.

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