Connect Hackney

The following article originally appeared in Connect Hackney’s Hackney Senior magazine.

By C. H. Daniel.

People are asking, I am asking, we all are asking. Why do the swallows fly so high, is it to catch the insects in the sky, or is it the thrill of their flight, that makes their heartbeats sigh. Then why cannot we also, hold our hopes up high and say. I am the master of my fate so, “Why am I not creative? What is my goal? How do I start?”

It is within us all to grasp, to catch a floating shadow we call a mask that hides our inner self. We, each one of us holds the key, to unlock that special doorway to our souls. Give breath to all the uncertainties and breathe them out and let them go. Write down what are your five essential hobbies. What you are passionate for? Craving for? The love and joy and resolve this puzzle.

Concentrate now, put them in order of preference and begin your journey of discovery. Fit all your chosen hobbies into a routine and work through them slowly, one by one, building the structure of each one of them.

Why then, truly the ones that grow in strength and vigour; will fulfil your heart as well as your mind, but look not just to profit to sell what you find. Because this is your heart talking, this hobby is your passion and your soul. For once you have a foundation built on love; like a breath of fresh air then you can breathe life into your workplace anywhere, while the passion of your craft is nurturing in your heart, as you create your own art, fulfilling your spiritual goal.

Remember every hobby has its own reward. For what you create for yourself will fulfil all your expectations. How then will you feel? Now what is speaking in your heart? Why look any further? You are the instrument of your own desires. Choose your craft carefully and follow it to the end.

C. H. Daniel