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Talk Changes during Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all in different ways.
If you’re feeling stressed, down, or struggling to cope – whether it is to do with coronavirus or not – Talk Changes is still here for you.

Talk Changes is a confidential NHS service for adults registered with a GP in City and Hackney. they offer a wide range of tried and tested NHS talking therapies.

Talking with a trained professional can help you work out how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings and learn new skills to get you back on track.

For a lot of people, Covid-19 is a significant issue in how they’re feeling. Some are worried about their health or their loved ones or living with the consequences of the virus. Others are dealing with loss or isolation.

The pandemic is also affecting people’s working lives. If you’re receiving talking therapies from us, you can also get help from Talk Changes’ specialist employment advisers. They can provide advice on looking for work, furlough, worries about returning to work, keeping skills up to date or rethinking your career if you have been made redundant.

Talk Changes is also still seeing lots of people for issues that aren’t related to Covid-19. For many people with common mental health problems, talking therapies are proven to be as effective as medicines. They create long-lasting positive changes so you not only feel better but stay better. They are continuing to work with people whose physical health problems affect their mood and motivation, helping them to cope with treatment plans.

Talk Changes is still making appointments for everyone who needs them. Coronavirus means they have had to stop all face-to-face appointments and group sessions for the time being. Instead, all support is available over the phone, online or through online video calls.

Referrals can be made here. 

Click here for Talk Changes website.