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Dementia service for City and Hackney

Dementia remains one of the main causes of disability in later life and progresses over time. In City and Hackney, there are about 1,300 people living with dementia. With an increasing and ageing population, the rate of dementia will increase along with demand for services.

To meet current and future demands, an innovative, future proofed model of dementia care has been Commissioned by the City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) called the City and Hackney Dementia Service currently being developed by members of the Dementia Alliance in collaboration with practitioners, services users and carers groups.

The new service will ensure everyone diagnosed with dementia is accounted for and they and their family/carers are supported at each stage of disease progression or as things change.

It will provide a diagnostic service that registers, holds, tracks, and cares for everyone diagnosed with dementia from diagnosis to death or out of borough placement ensuring everyone diagnosed with dementia has a named Dementia Navigator.

It is designed to ensure, everyone living with dementia has timely access to diagnosis and assessment, ongoing post diagnostic support and treatment, regular reviews, easy access to medical review and other services.

The service will replace the current memory clinic and will be co-delivered by the City and Hackney Mental Health Care for Older People (MHCOP) who will provide clinical leadership and the Alzheimer’s Society.

It will operate from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday with a clear relationship with out of hours and weekend support services. It is planned to be in place from September this year.