Connect Hackney

Join the media group in 2021

Many of the articles in the Hackney Senior magazine are produced by members of the Connect Hackney media group – local residents aged over 50, with many aged in their 70s and 80s, who are learning and practising computer, digital, photography and writing skills. Until the pandemic began, we met weekly in a computer suite at Haggerston.

Our plans to recruit new members this autumn were put on hold as we still cannot meet face to face. However, we are recruiting new members to join us online or by phone in 2021. You will need to have a smartphone, a tablet or a computer and be able to use some basic tools like email and WhatsApp. If you know how to use Zoom too, that would be a help.

The telephone social group

Alternatively, if you only have a telephone – a mobile phone or landline is fine, you could join our telephone social. Also, if you would like to contribute articles for the magazine, you could post them to us or ask a friend or family member to scan the article and email it to us. And you can join our book club too. Our friendly group is here for you. If you would like to join, please get in touch – our next group will start in mid-January 2021.
For more information and to join please contact email Zelina on

The online media group

Join us to:
• listen to online talks
• chat with other local residents online
• learn new computer and digital skills
• contribute to Hackney Senior magazine
• join a book club