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The media group

“It’s a good idea to learn the computer, smartphone and tablet – you can also do WhatsApp and text. I feel like keeping up with new technology gives me more time. I am a slow learner, but that’s OK as I want to learn.”  Eugenia, media group member

If you would like to join the group, please contact Zelina > email: / telephone: 020 7923 1962


Connect Hackney launched two films as part of the Diversity project in 2019

Living here and seeing the changes


Community Home / Extended family / Don’t assume 


The following two films look back at projects we funded during the first phase of Connect Hackney (2015-2018).

Silver Linings

The Silver Linings project – run by Groundwork London – brought together local older people to share social activities and to help others through volunteering. In the video, participants explain how they enjoyed taking part and how doing so improved their social lives.

Mindfulness meditation

In our second video, older people who took part in a mindfulness meditation course run by Hoxton Health talk about how it helped them, giving a boost to their feelings of wellbeing and self-confidence.

During 2018 we produced audio podcasts with Hackney’s Windrush generation see below or click here to listen.

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