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We have produced a series of learning papers and short videos which collate learning from the programme team, our partner organisations and their project participants, our Older People’s Committee, and local evaluation by the University of East London.

Read our key messages on procuring projects for older people

Getting Out and About
Read our key messages on supporting older people to get out and about

Read our key messages on co-production with older people and watch our co-production video below

Tackling loneliness and isolation
Watch the video below

Making friends
Read our key messages on increasing social networks and making friends and watch our video below about friendships in later life

Outreach and Engagement
Watch our video below

Read our key messages on Outreach and Engagement

Sharing skills and experience across the generations
Watch our video below

Learning network

The Connect Hackney Learning Network is a key vehicle for driving our ‘test and learn’ approach, and it feeds local learning into the national evaluation.

The network is made up of our delivery partners and meets quarterly to:

  • Share insight on project and programme learning;
  • Highlight successes and challenges in reducing/preventing isolation;
  • Contextualise the Common Measurement Framework and other data within a delivery perspective.
  • Share best practice including hosting talks by experts on ageing and isolation in order that Connect Hackney provision is informed by the latest research findings.
  • Assist in the dissemination of learning to wider stakeholders including the Ageing Better programme and the integrated commissioning prevention workstream.

Read more: Phase one learning reports (2015-18).

The test and learn approach

Building an evidence base and sharing learning across our Hackney partnership and with the other 13 programmes around England is a key feature of the Ageing Better programme.

To find out more about the impact of Connect Hackney on older people in the borough, we are also working with a local evaluator to develop more in-depth local learning and evidence. Our approach to learning helps us to understand what works in addressing social isolation and loneliness as well as what may not work so well.

This means that there is always the opportunity to ‘test and learn’, with our partners reviewing and amending approaches to delivery – to benefit of participants.

Connect Hackney have developed a series of 8 test and learn questions so we are clear on what we are trying to test and learn in relation to reducing social isolation for the Hackney residents aged 50 and over. These questions shape our approach to learning and evaluation at the local level (across our work and the work we have commissioned our partners to deliver).

To find more about the Connect Hackney Test and Learn Questions click here.