Connect Hackney

Are you a 50+ male Hackney resident and finding it difficult to hear like you used to? Deafplus, a Connect Hackney partner, has three great workshops that can support you.

Deafplus are supporting people who have difficulty hearing or have hearing loss.

Dates of sessions 10.30am – 12.30pm are below. Salvation Army, 70 Mare Street, E8 4RTh

Tuesday June 25th

Workshop: “What equipment is available to help you manage your hearing loss”
Speaker: Katherine Burgess. “Review Officer” – Sensory Services.
Plus tips for managing your hearing loss.

Tuesday 9th July

Workshop topic: Understanding your hearing loss and managing tinnitus and good communication tips.
Speakers: Audiologist from London Hospital

Tuesday 30th July

Workshop topic: How to look after your hearing aids and tips for managing your hearing loss.
Speaker: Sharon James – Action on hearing loss

Workshops are aimed particularly at men who have not previously attended, but you are welcome to come if you have attended our Drop in and LWHL courses previously.

For more information, please contact Geraldine at DeafPLUS,
020 7791 0105