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Mr Motivator’s return

by Margaret Smith

Before the lockdown many of you played sports at local leisure centres, visited the gym or practiced Pilates.
With government advice to stay in, it’s so important to try and get regular exercise. Exercise can definitely help us to age well. I have a small exercise bike at home which I like to use. I am on a diet at the moment and trying to lose weight.

Exercising in your home

There are also many exercise videos on Youtube that you can work out to. I like to work out to Mr Motivator. Many of you may remember the character Mr Motivator, one of the world’s most famous health and fitness coaches. His real name is Derrick Evans and he was on ITV Breakfast TV in the 1990s. He is now 67 and has made a comeback to ITV in the hope of keeping the nation fit during the pandemic. At the moment he features on BBC1 in the programme Healthcheck UK.

Just as he did way back then, he still wears his trademark brightly coloured Lycra outfits! I find that Mr Motivator’s workouts are easy to do – they are not too strenuous.

Many of you may already have started exercising with chair based exercises and Mr Motivator could be seen as a next step in increasing your confidence or fitness levels. There is always laughter and fun in his videos and he also gives you the benefit of his tips about life.

His workouts are designed for all age groups. It’s worth checking his videos out on YouTube.

Top tips for staying in shape

  • Put out your sporty gear the night before – shorts, polo shirt etc.
    Set a goal like dropping a dress size or exercising without a long break, for say 20 mins.
  • Make a regular time for yourself to work out.
    Try and enjoy the workouts. They’re easier to do if they’re fun!
  • Try and work out with family and friends, either if they are living with you during lockdown, or you could connect online via Zoom.
  • For those of you who are feeling adventurous, you could buy a gadget like a pedometer which tracks the distance you walk or a fitness tracker like a Fitbit which tracks your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.
    I hope you find these tips useful and enjoy exercising!

Margaret Smith

This article appeared in Hackney Senior, Connect Hackney’s quarterly magazine for older people.
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