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Lockdown inspires  Media Group creativity

Despite the lockdown, Charles from Connnect Hackney’s Media Group has been inspired to write a poem.

Hand work 1

Cheer those pioneering doctors and nurses.
Carers, armed- services, workers and volunteers.
“No Human Sacrificed” these rehearsed verses.
Words from their hearts; written on their banners here.
So their lives are on the line, inspiringly.
So is their duty to serve in caring jobs.
To those who dare, don’t ask inquiringly.
Such is their courage, against overwhelming odds.
Right now! The public tethered; held, reserved on.
Together holding on, counting the days. 
Each step taken as if in a dream, yet deep down
Within each one of us we praise them with speech
stirring us to awaken to the hours of the dawn
When it will come to us the battle of the mind
that dark matter that comes with early morn
While we physically await the hour in time
They battling on and saving many a one.
When it comes, we will arise on command.
Making our stand, by holding on, Holding on! 
Continued then the break across the sky will seize the sun.
Then the retreating shadows waver along.
You will hear the cadence of the song- birds- tune.
And just before the breaking light of peace.
Hark! All together clapping, for ”cared-full-wards”.
They will all hear the clapping in outer space.
We will win together in a caring world.
But only with the help of caring people.
Today the hope of the NHS is in our hands.
Let us not lose it tomorrow out of hand.
So now we know what is truly beautiful.
The heartfelt, within the people, of the world.

C H Daniel

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