Connect Hackney

Transport in Hackney

Since Connect Hackney launched in 2015, older people have consistently told us of the challenges they have getting out and about using transport in Hackney.

We want to find out more about the issue of transport for older people in Hackney. If you are over 50 we want to know about your experiences – both the positives and the challenges.

Collecting this information will help us in discussions with transport groups and with authorities about older people’s
transport needs.

We want you to share your views about your experiences of using:

  • buses
  • trains
  • taxicard
  • community transport
  • dial-a-ride
  • difficulties you have getting to activities outside of the house.

Get in touch

Let us know about your experiences, email or call Judy Harris at Connect Hackney on 020 7923 1962.

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