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Connect Hackney launch a new quarterly newsletter to share projects’ learning

An extract from the newsletter is below.

Connect Hackney learning newsletter. Connect Hackney is a £5.8m programme that aims to prevent isolation and loneliness for people aged 50 and over. Our newsletter is where you can find out what our projects have learnt about reducing and preventing the social isolation of older people.

We are one of 14 programme areas across England that have received funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to deliver this work under its umbrella Ageing Better programme. Since launching in 2015, we have funded 59 projects, through which we have engaged 2,761 older people from across the borough.

The quarterly Connect Hackney newsletter will be a place for you to:

  • Hear from projects working with older people on what works and what doesn’t to reduce isolation
  • Receive practical advice on how to make your projects more effective at building friendships between participants
  • Keep updated on what Connect Hackney is doing at a strategic level to ensure that our learning improves the lives of older people in the borough

Where does our learning come from?
Our projects share their insights with us at our quarterly Learning Network meetings and are also part of our local and national evaluation.

The Connect Hackney programme is being evaluated by the University of East London who measure the impact of our projects. The evaluation is focused on answering eight questions about isolation including identifying the most effective outreach and communications methods and which activities are best at reducing isolation. All our learning and evaluation reports will be available on the Connect Hackney website.

Our projects are also part of a national evaluation led by ECORYS which collects outcomes data on the older people participating in all Ageing Better projects across the country. We will be sharing findings from the national evaluation and will provide links to relevant reports and other useful information on the Ageing Better website.

Connect Hackney funded projects
We currently fund 25 projects across Hackney including a gardening club for older people with learning disabilities, craft and music sessions for older Turkish and Cypriot people and a transport project. For a full list of our current projects please visit the Connect Hackney website.

Any comments about Connect Hackney?
Have you got any further comments? Get in touch with us by emailing us.

Tell us what you want to know
We want the Connect Hackney newsletter to be relevant to your work and to help you reach and engage isolated people. Please let us know which topics you are most interested in by clicking this link.

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