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Have your say on Ageing well in Hackney

Hackney Council is asking residents, businesses, charities and volunteers to share their views on ageing and older people in Hackney.

The Ageing Well Strategy draft has been created through community engagement sessions, which were co-produced with a group of peer facilitators, recruited by Connect Hackney Together they worked with council officers on engagement and finalising the draft strategy.

These sessions engaged around 400 residents, collating ideas drawing on people’s lived experiences of growing older in Hackney.

The draft Ageing Well Strategy sets out the Council’s vision for an age-friendly borough – one where older residents feel empowered, informed, valued and supported. They aim to achieve this through age-friendly communities and services and specialist care if the need arises.

The strategy sets out the approach the Council is taking to promote and accomplish this over the next five years. This strategy is about catering for the very wide range of people aged 55+ through age-friendly policies, building a community that values and includes older people, benefits from their contributions and supports them in their later years.

Hackney councillor Yvonne Maxwell said: “We are committed to making Hackney an age-friendly borough, we want it to be a great place for people to grow old in.
“This is about celebrating what older people bring to our borough and to hear their voices on what is important to them. There has been extensive community engagement to get to where we are and I encourage older people to take a look and comment.”

John Hanna, who helped facilitate the strategy sessions said: “Having worked as a facilitator it made me much more aware not only of the problems and issues elderly people face in my Borough, but also of their need to communicate, to be reached, listened to in order to solve matters, and problems that are of their concern. I believe this project will hopefully create a better united way of working and a one to one approach form of communication for Older People so they won’t be lost in the labyrinth of the various services.”

There will be ongoing engagement with local people and a wide range of other partners as the Council starts the work of delivering on the new commitments set out in this strategy. This consultation is a chance for residents to reflect on this and comment on how we can all work together to make sure people can age well in Hackney.

See the strategy and add your comments here.

If you have a family member, friend or neighbour who might be interested in responding to Hackney’s Ageing Well Strategy, who is unable to complete the online survey, can contact 0208 356 4979 to receive a hard copy or request a call back service for feedback.

The consultation closes on 30 October 2020.

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