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Hackney Giving is inviting Hackney’s non-profit community organisations to make a six-minute online pitch to raise funds for work to support residents impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Hackney Giving Live events are interactive, community evenings which bring together Hackney’s non-profit groups with people living and working in Hackney and beyond who want to donate to good causes.

Using an approach pioneered by The Funding Network, three community groups present a six-minute pitch for funding in front of a live audience.

Each group then has two minutes to answer questions from the audience and this is followed by live pledging where audience members make donations.

They are looking for nine groups to pitch in 2021 and the first live crowdfunder will be held online in February 2021.

Overview of the crowdfunding initiative

• They will bring an audience of donors online to you to help raise vital funds for your grassroots communnity projects
• Corporate volunteers will help you to write and practise your pitch in time for the evening
• They will lead on press relations – increasing your project’s profile with online & print media
• They have match funding guaranteed of £2k for each selected group as a starting figure and we hope to double this to £4k or more per group. A great return on a six minute presentation!
• They are seeking to select a range of projects that support Hackney’s diverse communities, and especially those communities disproportionately impacted by health and social inequalities and the ongoing pandemic

• Apply by 17 December. Click here for link to application.

If you have any queries, please contact: Matt Bray, email: / tel: 020 7923 1962

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