Connect Hackney

Connect Hackney’s older people’s committee is ready to start work, after its members completed a special introduction and training programme

Now 24 members of the committee are ready to start work, feeding their views and experiences – and those of other older people in Hackney – into our work over the next three years.

The members come from different communities across Hackney and will get together for their first formal meeting on 26 April. OPC members will help drive forward Connect Hackney’s work.

Connect Hackney programme director Lola Akindoyin said, “The OPC members are all really passionate and interested in reducing social isolation among local over 50s. They have come to the committee with a really wide range of different experiences that they can bring to bear.

“I’d like to thank them for volunteering their time to prepare for and carry out this important role with Connect Hackney.”

OPC members include one man who highlighted how serious isolation can be for older people by giving the example of someone on his estate who had died, but whose death was not discovered for three weeks.

Other members have been very involved with activities and events in Hackney, and are keen to help other local over 50s involved too.