Connect Hackney

Connect Hackney report published on Digital Inclusion

The Covid-19 pandemic has cast a new light on digital technology, showing both the opportunities it provides as well as its limitations.

Connect Hackney is one of 14 ‘Ageing Better’ programmes located across England which aim to tackle social isolation and loneliness amongst people aged 50 and over.

Connect Hackney commissioned Newham New Deal Partnership and Groundwork London to deliver digital inclusion projects for older Hackney residents to explore whether and how digital skills could help reduce or prevent social isolation.

There has been growing interest in the potential for technology to facilitate older people’s social contact and participation and reduce the digital divide between older people and those who have grown up with online and digital technology in their daily lives.

This report shares learning from an in-depth study of two Connect Hackney digital inclusion projects which were delivered by local community organisations.

Both projects aimed to develop participants’ confidence and skills in using applications and the internet. 

The Connect Hackney report summarises the learning from these two projects into key messages which they hope will support the design and delivery of future digital skills courses.

The full evaluation report, including methodology, is available here.