Commissioning: loneliness and isolation in BAME communities

£50k available for community research into loneliness and isolation in BAME communities

Connect Hackney is seeking to commission up to eight community partners to work with us on a research programme, focusing on how older people (aged 50+) from BAME communities experience social isolation and loneliness.

Our data tells us that people who are White British, Black African (Nigerian in particular), Black Caribbean and Charedi Jewish have participated a lot in the programme to date.

As we all know, Hackney is a very diverse borough and it’s important that Connect Hackney is able to reach older people from Hackney’s other BAME communities. With this in mind, we are targeting the following communities via this research:

  • Turkish and Kurdish
  • Black African (other than Nigerian)
  • Asian: Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Vietnamese
  • Other smaller ethnic communities in the borough (for example Latin American)

We are keen to understand the cultural, racial and demographic sensitivities and how these relate to social isolation and loneliness, which might be unique to the experiences of older people from some communities. If you are interested in working with us, you will need to commit to delivering the specification included in the document below (pages 13-19) in particular.

The information will be used to inform an approach to commissioning larger scale projects between 2019-2021 and will also feed into national research for the Big Lottery Fund, Ageing Better Programme which funds Connect Hackney. For further information, please contact Lola or Judy on 020 7923 1962.

Bidders must submit an electronic copy of their tender submission (including all supporting documents) to by 5pm on Monday 10th September 2018.  Please note that tenders received after the deadline will not be considered.


Invitation to tender documents

ITT for BAME Research PART A

ITT for BAME Research PART B

The appendices below are provided to support you make an application:

Appendix 1 Profile on social isolation among older people in Hackney

Appendix 2 Community conversations report

Appendix 3 Reducing social isolation in Hackney 2018 – 2021

Appendix 4 What we learned in Phase 1

Appendix 5 Data sharing protocol

Appendix 6 Common measurement questionnaire

Appendix 7a Code of conduct

Appendix 7b What happens when our Code of conduct is breached?