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Brocals and moustasche

Bro-meets for men aged over 50

Mondays from 3:30pm-4:30pm

Book online:

Hackney Carers Centre’s project Brocals is a multi-generational social club for men over 50 who are residents of Hackney.

Hackney Brocals are local men, or ‘bros’, who go all out to conquer the curse of ‘bronliness’ in their communities (definition: the state of being somewhat isolated, and somewhat bothered by it, but definitely also being too much of a bro to want to talk about it, like, ever).

Brocals aims to support the needs of older men through a program of regular meet-ups and activities.

Details for event on 22 February

If you’re a man in Hackney aged 50 or over join our Zoom discussion with Angela Groundwater, who has been working with the group for over a year. Angela is an artist currently working in Hackney. Her work includes pattern-making and wallpaper design, and questions the role significant objects can play in people’s lives.

Angela will share the work she’s been making over the last year, and host a discussion around isolation in the home under lockdown.

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