Connect Hackney

Connect Hackney is holding an event on the importance of social relationships in later life, featuring speakers from The Campaign to End Loneliness, Shift Design, local community projects and older Hackney residents. The event is aimed at older people as well as staff and organisations working with them. Date: 30 October.

Good relationships are a key part of a healthy and happy life. Seeing people regularly makes us healthier, more optimistic and gives us a greater sense of purpose. However, staying connected to people in later life isn’t always easy and there are things that happen as we age that can make keeping in touch or meeting new people harder.

At this event we will share ideas on how barriers to staying connected,such as caring responsibilities, ill health, retirement, losing a loved one, transport issues and children moving away, can be overcome. Local older people, community groups and national campaigners will talk about why we all benefit from having good social relationships, and what we can do to reduce isolation.

Come and learn more about this issue and find out how we can work together to reduce isolation in our communities.

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