Connect Hackney

Getting Out and About Locally

Hackney Community Transport have secured Connect Hackney funding, through the Community Fund’s Ageing Better Programme.

The project will be delivered over an 18 month period to enable individuals who find it difficult to leave home, to Get Out and About Locally (GOAL).

GOAL will provide a bookable excursion service, including transport and an activity, running 5 days per week.

Their aim is to provide a mechanism of support for people who find it difficult to leave their homes due to loneliness, confidence, lack of motivation or mobility difficulties.

They believe that through using transport as a motivator they can empower individuals get out and about independently.

They will carry out an initial home visit, where an assessment of the individual need – the type of activities that would be of most interest; the next step is to then find that activity or similar and organise transport for them and others.

Over time the individuals confidence should grow and they may forge friendships which result in them travelling together to the activities, on main stream public transport, no longer requiring Community Transport.

The project is initially for 2-3 months, depending on an individual’s progress.

Activities will include Stitch and Knit, Men in Sheds, bingo, day trips to the seaside or local theatre and cinemas. The cost of each activity is £3.

If you work with an organisation in Hackney, are an individual or know an individual who finds it difficult to leave home, please get in touch 0207 275 2433 and speak to Claire Smith.

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