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Coronavirus survey: What’s happening for your organisation and how can we help?

The next few months are going to be really uncertain for everyone, particularly the local voluntary and community sector. We don’t know how the situation with coronavirus is going to develop, but we can expect it to be serious and last for at least several months. We can also expect marginalised groups to be particularly affected. For example, older people are more likely to become seriously ill. Migrants and homeless people may find it hard to access information and health care services.

Still open for business
Connect Hackney and Hackney CVS are still open for business, with our staff working remotely as best we can. We are keen to ensure we can help you in these difficult times as we feel strongly that Hackney’s community groups have a positive role to play. Staying connected and focused on those most in need is super important given the hugely diverse communities that exist locally. We appreciate that some of you will have to close your doors whereas others may have to remain open, working alongside public bodies responding to the crisis.

Volunteering and grants
Hackney CVS are working closely with the Volunteer Centre and Council to help link residents who want to volunteer to organisations who need volunteers. We are also engaging the Council and funders to ensure that grants and funding remain unaffected by the crisis as much as possible. We are keen to enable collaborative working so that organisations don’t have to try and set up anything new but can pull on the resources and capacity of their colleagues in the wider sector.

Sector survey – what help do you need?
We appreciate that completing surveys may not be your biggest priority right now but this will massively help us plan the focus of our work and support over the coming months. We need to understand the overall capacity of our frontline organisations to serve vulnerable groups, how you are responding and your views on what’s needed.

Please tell us what your experience of coronavirus has been so far, what issues you expect to come up, and what we and the local public sector can do to help. Please complete the survey here.

Hackney CVS resource pages
We have set up web pages on our website about the epidemic which we will update regularly. You can find the information here. We will continue to send you bite sized information as and when advice and guidance changes.

Share your stories
If you have stories of how your team are doing amazing work to support Hackney’s residents, please let us know so that we can share that across the sector. If you have any comments about this survey or the information we are providing then please email Matt Bray, Communications Director

Emergency support fund announced to help community and voluntary organisations
The Mayor of London has joined City Bridge Trust and London Funders to launch a new fund – with an initial £1 million provided by City Hall and £1 million from City Bridge Trust.


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