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Free session on mindfulness in everyday life

City and Hackney Carers Centre are holding a free session on mindfulness in everyday life.

City and Hackney Carers Centre, who were founded in 1996 by a group of carers who were struggling to find support, have been holding mindfulness sessions on Mondays.

Join them online on Monday for a live mindfulness session looking at how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.
Delivered via Zoom.

This Monday’s session is a one off mindfulness session focusing on how to integrate mindfulness into your every day life.

The session will consist of multiple short meditation exercises that you can learn to use every day!

No previous mindfulness or meditation experience needed!

In addition to a device to access the session you will need:

  1. To be in quiet, comfortable space, ideally near a window.
  2. Have enough space to be able to walk on the spot, or for those who have mobility problems, a chair that you can sit in and move your legs freely.
  3. Two small pieces of food such as fruit, chocolate or a sweet.

Register for the session by clicking below.

For more information on City and Hackney Carers see their website

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