Connect Hackney

Bridging the digital divide together 

The digital divide is the term for the gap between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.

It’s an enormous issue facing thousands of people in Hackney.  But what will motivate people sufficiently that they seek to overcome barriers and get online?

Connect Hackney has over the past few years funded several Organisations who are looking to tackle the digital divide.

Connect Hackney-funded digital projects have included:

  • MRS Independent Living
  • Groundwork London
  • Newham New Deal Partnership

See details of our current Connect Hackney partners on our website.

We continue to look at ways of working with organisations and residents to understand how to tackle the digital divide.

Part of this involves working with other voluntary and community sector organisations and the council.

In Hackney there are approximately 27,000 offline residents who are not online. If you have any comments, get in touch by emailing us if you have any ideas about how to bridge the digital divide. 

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